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Professional vehicle maintenance at reasonable prices

Here at JDG Motor Services Limited we understand that not getting your car serviced regularly can result in costly repairs later on. This is why we offer professional vehicle servicing at very reasonable rates.

We have a courtesy car available so you won’t be left without transport while your vehicle is being serviced.

Vehicle maintenance work that we undertake includes:

Keep your service history up to date

We are able to carry out major and minor services on most vehicles, and it always pays to maintain a full service history to maximise the value of your vehicle if you should ever want to sell it. However, making sure that your vehicle is well-maintained isn’t just for the sake of keeping the paperwork in order. The better your vehicle is maintained, the smaller the chance of it suffering a breakdown, and breakdowns always seem to happen at the most awkward times.

Some of the maintenance tasks that we undertake

Replacing critical parts such as:

Replacing important fluids such as:

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