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Services for USAF personnel from RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath

VAT Relief Programme

The VAT Relief Programme allows USAF personnel to reclaim VAT (Value Added Tax) in certain circumstances. How this works is fully described on the 100th Force Support Squadron website at https://www.100fss.com/vat-office, but essentially the following things happen:

  1. You bring in your vehicle and we carry out work on it that costs at least £100 (including VAT).
  2. We issue you with an invoice made out to the 100th Force Support Squadron.
  3. You drive away your vehicle and take the invoice to the VAT office on base.
  4. You pay the VAT office on base the amount that is due, without VAT, plus a small processing fee.
  5. The VAT office on base issues you with a cheque made payable to us, along with a multi-part VAT Free Certificate.
  6. You pay us using the cheque issued by the VAT office on base, and hand us the multi-part VAT Free Certificate.
  7. We complete the multi-part VAT Free Certificate, keep the white copy, and hand you back the yellow copy.
  8. You return the yellow copy of the multi-part VAT Free Certificate to the VAT office on base.

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